December 10, 2016

December's Theatrical Releases!

Let's just be honest about it: the Box Office in December is going to be ruled by Star Wars: Rogue One. What else can honestly hope to compete with that? That doesn't men that we won't get some other interesting flicks to go and check out at our local multiplex or arthouse theaters, like Nocturnal Animals and Pet, for example, so at least there's some variety to be had. 

You can see all of this month's theatrical releases below, but be sure to check out our full Theatrical Release Dates Page for everything of note that's coming out between now and March.

Dec2dec 2Dec 2 VOD LIM (2)Dec 2 LIM 8 VOD92-Dec 9Dec 9Dec 9 VOD LIM16RogueDec 16 VOD LIM170 x 25023AssPassA MonAutLivePatfoot

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