December 31, 2016

The Middlins of 2016!

Before we get into the Best & Worst Movies of 2016, we have to take a minute to make mention of the year's Middlins. What is a Middlin, you ask? Well the term is taken from the idiom "Fair to Middling," which for our purposes, can mean a few different things:

  • Above average, but didn't make our "Best of 2016" list.
  • Good, but had issues.
  • Average.
  • Not that great, but had some redeeming qualities.

Basically, these are the movies of 2016 that were "Not good enough to be one of The Best, but not bad enough to be one of The Worst." It's all subjective, of course, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

All of these movies are worth a watch, at the very least.

*For more info on these movies, be sure to click through to the reviews.

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  1. I'm sorry guys, but "The Conjuring 2" was so much better than a "middlin". There was no scarier, nor more technically accomplished horror film than this one in 2016. And, please just don't started telling me how brilliant "The Witch" was. :)))

  2. Agree that The Conjuring 2 should have been in the top horror films of 2016. You cannot put it in the same categories as the others on the list.