November 5, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for November 5th

Halloween has come and gone, and for the rest of the year we'll see less high profile Horror releases hitting shelves. There's still plenty of good movies and TV shows on the way for our buying pleasure, but it all just feels a bit less magical now...

Oh well. Truth be told, the Christmas Season (and all of its terrifying commercialism) is just about as creepy of a time as is October, so I suppose our feelings will all even themselves out in the end.

Now, on with this week's releases.

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The only release this week that we really need to own is the 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray of Oldboy. Oldboy is one hell of a movie, maybe one of the best we've ever seen, so of course we want to own it in its best format. Day one purchase for us.

The Hobbit: Extended Edition is probably the biggest release of the week, and maybe even the Holiday Season, and yet we're not even sure if we're interested in buying it. To borrow a quote from Bilbo Baggins himself: "This movie feels thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread." We'll probably own it at some point (especially if the sequels end up being better than the first movie), but for now we wait. It will probably be crazy cheap on Black Friday anyhow...

That 4 Pack set from Scream Factory looks pretty neat (too bad it's DVD only), and The Attack was a pretty good flick, just not sure if we need to own it or not.

As for everything else this week, we're taking a pass.

That Under the Dome Collector's Set looks really cool, it's jsut too bad that the show wasn't very good at all. *Yes, we've read the book, and we think that the show totally botched it up, not to mention stretched the hell out of it. (At least) 2, 13 Episode Seasons, to tell the story contained in a 1000 page book? A mini-series would have more than sufficed, CBS.

We'd rather set our faces on fire and try to beat the flames out with a fork than buy The Ultimate OMG I'm Team Edward! Twilight Blu-ray Box Set. If I have to explain why we feel that way, you won't understand anyway, so let's just move along...

Everything else is pretty much Direct-to-DVD fodder, and we'll catch most of them when we catch them.

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  1. Hmmm Killer Holiday! I'm a sucker for Clown horror but how often do they disappoint lol