February 27, 2012

Better by far.

That's what we've been waiting for. More plot advancement, a little bit less character development, and some zombie action.

Said zombie action was plentiful this week as we saw Rick, Shane and the kid from Rescue Me fighting for their lives, somewhere that was "18 miles out." The "lure them with your blood then stab them in the head" trick was a good one, although using it too much wouldn't be a good thing on the body. Still, it was nice to see walkers get dispatched, essentially left and right.

It was good to see Rick and Shane finally have it out, though now it seems Shane is definitely a goner. He's either resigned to the fact that he has nothing now and will do something stupid to get himself killed, or he will come around and become more noble, which means he has to die because people will start liking him. The ones we like always die!

It was also nice to see Andrea go upside Lori's head. I only wish she would have used her open hand to help get her message across too, but what we got was good.

With only 3 episodes left in the season, you have to imagine things will only get crazier. Next week looks to be a violent one, with Daryl torturing the hell out of the prisoner kid. We like. Will we see Michonne by seasons end? David Morrissey has been confirmed to play next seasons nemesis, The Governor, but will we see him before season 2 wraps up?

I guess we'll know in a few weeks.

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