October 1, 2016

Retro Horror Hottie: E.G.Daily

After seeing her twisted turn as Sex-Head in Rob Zombie's 31 (and seeing her last week in Valley Girl), I got to thinking about how cool, and hot, E.G. Daily was.

Elizabeth "E.G." Daily was a little sexpot in the 80's. She's probably known best for playing the adorable Loryn in Valley Girl, or maybe as the voice of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats, but she's appeared in some Horror flicks over the years too like One Dark Night, Bad Dreams, The Devil's Rejects, Cutting Room, and most recently, 31.

She also sang the theme song to one of the funniest 80's flicks ever, Better Off Dead. She rocks in every way. Even literally.

She was hot as hell back in the day, and she's still gorgeous, so here we are taking a look at her. Because why the hell not?