October 13, 2016

31 Days of Horror Blu-rays: Pieces (1982)

"A psychopathic killer stalks a Boston campus, brutally slaughtering nubile young college co-eds, collecting body parts from each victim to create the likeness of his mother who he savagely murdered with an axe when he was ten years old! Pieces is a wild, unrated gorefest, with enough splatter and sleaze to shock the most jaded horror fan."

One of our absolutely favorite sleazy Slashers of the 80's is finally coming to Blu-ray on March 1st!

Pieces is a perfect slice of 80's Horror; it's got that creepy 80's Slasher flick vibe, it's bloody, it's exploitative, it makes absolutely no sense, the dubbing and dialogue are laughable, the acting isn't much better, it's got the usual "What in the hell was that?!?" ending that was so prevalent in that era...

And it is all insanely glorious.

Grindhouse Releasing has had an excellent year with Blu-ray releases for such classic exploitation flicks like The Beyond, Cannibal Ferox, and Cannibal Holocaust, and Pieces might be their most impressive effort to date.

Please read our review of Pieces (the movie, not the Blu-ray) below for our full breakdown. Oh, and then add this one to your shopping carts on Amazon. It's  keeper.

Special Features:
  • Two complete versions of this shocking gore classic:
    • Pieces (83 min.) – The original, unrated U.S. theatrical version, presented in English
    • Mil Gritos Tiene la Noche (86 min.) – The original uncensored director's cut, presented in Spanish with original score by Librado Pastor
  • Spectacular new 4K transfers, scanned from the original camera negative
  • Brand new audio commentary by star Jack Taylor
  • Special 5.1 audio option – The Vine Theater Experience!
  • In-depth interviews with director Juan Piquer Simón and genre superstar Paul L. Smith
  • 42nd Street Memories – All-new feature-length documentary containing interviews with Bill Lustig, Larry Cohen, Frank Henenlotter, Buddy Giovinazzo, Jeff Lieberman, John Skipp, Lynn Lowry, Terry Levene, and many other exploitation icons
  • Extensive gallery of stills and poster art
  • Exhaustive filmographies
  • Liner notes by legendary horrors journalists Chas. Balun and Rick Sullivan
  • Bonus CD – Original soundtrack, newly remastered from the original studio tapes
  • Beautiful embossed slipcover
  • First 3000 units include an actual jigsaw puzzle! Strictly limited to 3000 units!
  • And MORE



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  1. Ah yes, Pieces. It's like Porky's meets Toolbox Murders meets I Know What You Did Last Summer meets some badly dubbed Italian porno. The Asian dude is my favorite part. "Must have had some bad chop suey" lolz!
    I hope you don't mind a lil shameless self-promotion, but I'm currently working on a comic that will eventually be a movie of the same title. I think it's been long enough and it's generic enough of a name to be free use.
    One day... the name PIECES will have a whole new meaning in the horror genre >:} Check it out: