May 14, 2017

Horror Hotties: Dominique Swain

Dominique Swain is best known for her turn as the titular character in the controversial 1997 movie, Lolita. She was praised for her performance in that movie, and rightly so, and she was touted as the next big thing. She's had a pretty long career since then, and has starred in plenty of genre fare, but aside from Lolita and Face/Off, she never really seemed to get a fair shake from Hollywood for some reason.

A lot of the genre flicks that she's been in have been B-grade, and she seems to be on a B-grade Horror flick tear lately with like 15 movies in the pipeline, but there's always been something about her that we love, mainly the fact that she's got that girl next door hotness thing going on.

After seeing her in The Black Room (in a part that was way too small), we just had to do a quick post about her, because dammit, she deserves the love.

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