August 31, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of August 31st

The August Box Office has been brutal this year, with most of the month's releases drawing little business. Bourne underperformed, Expendables 2 basically tanked, and Total Recall was a massive bust. August has long been one of Hollywood's dumping grounds for shitty flicks, and it looks like this year people are realizing that.

What about the horror flicks though?

Well, the awful The Apparition barely made back 3.5 million of its 17 million budget; Paranorman has made 30 million so far, and might end up close to 50 before the end. Maybe. Everything else genre had micro-limited releases, so not much news there...

And just what in the hell is an Oogielove?!?

This week, Lawless already opened to decent numbers on Wednesday, and hopefully it can have a decent showing through the weekend. For us, the big movie of the week is The Possession (aka The Dibbuk Box.) We're big Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans around here, so we're hoping that it will deliver. It looks good.

We do have to heartily recommend The Tall Man. If you haven't seen it on VOD already, try to catch it in its limited theatrical release. It was a solid flick that caught us by surprise, and we think you'll dig it. *Check the review on the side panel.

The Day looks interesting too, and The Good Doctor might be decent... we'll be waiting for those to hit DVD/BD though.

September had better be way better than August has been.

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