August 27, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for August 27th

This is a huge week for releases, and a bad week for movie lovers' wallets.

What are we going to be blowing our money on this week? Well first and foremost, The Walking Dead Season 2 is a must own for us, and that's pretty much self explanatory. Best Buy has an exclusive Terminator Anthology set that we just found out about, which contains all of the Terminator movies plus some cool  extras, so... yeah, we need that one too.

We also need Scarface in HD, because, come on man, it's Scarface. Who doesn't love Al Pacino in crazy, ultra-violent Gangster mode? Homeland is one we'll be grabbing eventually too; it's a great TV show that has us chomping at the bit for season 2 to start in a few weeks.

Do we need to own Lovely Molly? I don't know. Maybe once it drops in price we'll consider adding it to our collection. Same goes for The Birds. It's a Hitchcock classic, but we're not buying it this week.

The worst bet of the week is a tie. It's hard to say which movie was worse; Battleship or Area 407. On one hand, Battleship was really shitty, but it will no doubt look great on Blu-ray. On the other,  Area 407 was really, really shitty, and probably won't look good. Both movies can suck it.

As for everything else, there's some great flicks and TV shows being released this week, but most of it we won't own. For the uninitiated, we'd recommend checking out Headhunters, Moth Diaries and Two Orphan Vampires; each is good in their way, if not something that we absolutely loved. Everything else looks like a rent and see.


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