August 7, 2012

What's yet to come in 2012?

It's scary to think that we're already past the halfway point in 2012, because where in the hell has the year gone? Back in July we did our mid-year Best and Worst of Lists (Midlin's too), and now it's time to remind ourselves of what we have to look forward to between now and December 31st. Don't worry, it's just a really quick peek.
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Paranorman is right around the corner, and it looks like all kind of spooky fun. The Apparition and The Possession look interesting enough for what they are, and we've already seen and enjoyed The Tall Man and V/H/S. We already know what we're getting with them, and are excited to see what everyone else thinks when they hit theaters.

After has a hell of a trailer online and could end up being one of the sleeper hits of the year. Resident Evil... is what it is, but like the suckers we are, we will see it despite knowing it's bound to be more cheese than please. There's no way we miss Katniss and her boobage in The House at the End of the Street. The trailer was just odd enough to pique our interest.

Smiley is one that we've been waiting to see forever, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will live up to our own hype for it. Sinister looks really good, but then again we've fallen for slick trailers before only to be disappointed. Frankenweenie... ought to please the kids.

PA4 is a must see for us, if for no other reason than to see where they go with the story. Silent Hill interests us but it had better have plenty more Pyramid Head this time, or else. The ABC's of Death is an anthology flick, and since V/H/S turned out pretty well, we're hoping for two in a row here.

Finally we have The Collection; we absolutely loved The Collector, and we can't wait to see its follow up. The Collection may be the one horror flick we're most excited to see from here on out.

As far as the non-horror genre flicks go, there's a lot of good stuff coming out that should appeal to the genre geeks inside of us all.


The Expendables is going to be some cheesy, crazy, senseless fun, and we can't wait. We're always down for a gangster flick that has Gary Oldman letting loose with a Tommy Gun, and so Lawless is definitely on our radar. Dredd... I don't care what anyone says, it looks cool. Sure, it may suck, but we have faith!

Looper looks amazing, and with JGl on a roll right now, it's a can't miss for us. Taken 2... even if it looks like the same exact plot as Taken, who cares. We always need more Liam Neesson kicking ass in out lives, don't we? Argo is mostly a drama/thriller, but Ben Affleck has batted 1000% so far behind the camera (Gone Baby, Gone and The Town) and his third directorial effort looks superb as well. Killing Them Softly... Brad Pitt as a Hit Man. Nuff' said.

Rza's The Man With the Iron Fists is sure to please genre fans, and especially us; we're long time Wu-Tang fans, and we know that the Wu love and respect their martial arts flicks. This one looks like balls-out fun.

James Bond... James Bond!!!

Rise of the Guardians is going to be an awesome fantasy flick for all ages. Speaking of Fantasy flicks, The Hobbit might steal all of the Box Office Thunder this Holiday season, and rightly so. Call Tom Cruise what you will, but the guy can make an awesome action flick. We are totally down for Jack Reacher.

Last but not least, is Tarantino's latest, Django Unchained. He is the King of modern day Grindhouse storytelling, and his latest is going to kick our asses, we just know it.

And as always...

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