August 23, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of August 24th

Not a bad week for Theatrical ventures, as we get three decent looking genre flicks to choose from in theaters this weekend.

The biggest of them is The Apparition, which looks interesting enough from its trailers. Does that mean it will be good? No. We're willing to give it a spin though.

Premium Rush is a Thriller that looks like it could be some high adrenaline fun. It has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it so we're automatically down to see it, because he's just awesome.
Michael Biehn wrote and directed The Victim,  which finds itself in limited release this weekend. We've seen it and it was pretty good; you can tell it was made on the cheaper side of things, and it was one of those "slow burn" types of flicks, but it was worth a watch. *Review coming soon.


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