August 16, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of August 17th

While not being the biggest week for horror releases in theaters, there are a still a few flicks worth checking out if you have a serious jones to head out to the movies this weekend.

Watching The Expendables 2 is where we'll be this weekend. The first one was awesome fun (the Director's Cut Blu-ray is definitely our preferred cut), and the sequel looks to be bigger, badder and more awesomer than the first. It's mindless action, and nothing more, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable as hell.

Paranorman is definitely a creeper for the kids, but it looks pretty damned good to the adults around here too. I hope this rakes in the cash this weekend, because the horror genre needs more kid-friendly movies here in the U.S.

We include Cosmopolis here because it's David Cronenberg's new flick, and even though he moves further and further away from the horror genre with each flick he does lately, he's still a brilliant director and we love his stuff. Cosmopolis is in limited release.

So, we at least have some cool options at the theater this weekend, even if none of them are truly horror flicks... Those start in earnest next week with The Apparition.


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