July 31, 2012

[REC] 3: Genesis (2012)

(aka Why?)
Release Date: On VOD now, In Theaters on September 2nd.
Country: Spain.
Written by: Paco Plaza and Luiso Berdejo.
Directed by: Paco Plaza.
Starring: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin and Javier Botet.

After loving the first two films in the [REC] series, we figured a third endeavor into the world of the possessed & infected would be a surefire hit with us.

Sadly, [REC] 3 left us feeling a bit cold...

[REC] 3: Genesis feels like a side-step away from the first two [REC] films, both in continuity and in tone. Although it's told within the same confines as the other [REC] movies, it's an odd, odd departure of sorts.

Do not go into this one expecting another visit to the creepy world of the possessed/infected that the first two movies gave us; this is more of a Horror comedy, if anything.

It's an odd one, that's for sure.

Clara and Koldo are about to be married, and they've gathered everyone that they know around them to celebrate their happy nuptials, and of course film everything via their cameras and cell phones. Everything is going as planned until old Uncle Pepe is bitten by an infected dog (the one from the first movie?) and goes all wonky on everyone.

"Fresh goes better with Mentos, Mentos fresh and full of life!"
It isn't long before the Demonic virus that we've all come to know and fear spreads, and turns just about everyone into Tristana Medeiros' bitch. A small band of survivors does their best to run from the horde of ravenous infected, utilizing suits of armor, chainsaws, and a diversionary busload of children to combat them.

He looks really happy... like he's in a Mentos commercial too!
If this move were merely an average, stand-alone Infected/Zombie flick, it would have come off as decent enough. Being the third installment in an up-until-now-great series though, [REC] 3 is baffling misfire. [REC] Universe elements aside, this one does bring the gore and plenty of Survivor vs. Infected goodness, and the Infected in this one look great as usual too. Visually, it's a solid movie.

On thing that we found especially interesting was how Paco Plaza had a character destroy the hand-held cameras that were being used to film everything, faded to black, then brought up the [REC] 3: Genesis title card. From then on, it was a standard film, rather than a hand-held film. We found that move to be both bold and surprising.

Now that is just cool.
Why was this movie so goofy? Why was there a naked guy in a sponge costume running around a wedding? Why did Clara announce her pregnancy over a PA system, in the middle of an Infected rampage? Why did it feel like we were watching a wacky comedy when the guys were running around in the suits of armor? Where did that chick get such graceful and deadly chainsaw skills? Where was all of the tension as the scares that the earlier films doled out so effortlessly? Why did this movie turn out so bad?

Mmm hmm, we know.
With the word "Genesis" in the title, you'd think that it would signify an origin story of some sort, and in this case, maybe even a prequel. Well, it signifies nothing, unless the dog from the first movie biting the uncle is the Genesis of it all... which still explains nothing. This movie should have been called "[REC] 0: A story to tide you over until the real third installment is done." That would have felt more apt.

At least we got a wet, hot chick to stare at...
As is par for the course with the [REC] movies, there's plenty of grisly looking Infected "Zombies" running around, barfing up blood all over people, biting them, and causing plenty of visceral carnage. They also get killed in all sorts of nasty ways, most notably by a pissed-off bride with a chainsaw. There's plenty of blood and gore to be had here, which is always a good thing, right? We really do wish they would have shown what happened on that bus though. We're sick like that.

Worst wedding reception ever.
Nope, no nudity to be found here.

Weddings suck. Also, Spanish weddings kill.

Now that's a great shot.
It's sad for us to have to say that [REC] 3: Genesis was a big letdown. It was goofy, clumsy, and worst of all, it felt as if it didn't really fit into the series. We have to imagine that Paco Plaza just wanted to make this movie as some sort of crazy experiment, while Jaume Balaguero was off making the real sequel to [Rec] 2, which is [REC] 4: Apocalypse. If not, then... well, bad Paco! See it if you love the series, just be ready for it to leave you feeling odd and unsure. We can only hope that the upcoming 4th and final installment in this series will bring it back to its past glory.

As a normal, non [REC] related movie, this one gets a C-. As the third installment in the [REC] series, it gets a...


[REC] 3: Genesis is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.


Leticia Dolera is truly a Hottie, but we think she looks way better with longer hair, as evidenced in these pictures of her looking better with longer hair. Also, boobs.


  1. Yep! How did they mess this up! This was plain bad. Why the shift in tone? Mmmm maybe Paco Plaza is the weak link in the duo...let's see how apocalypse fares.

  2. No way. This was a fun movie. The Rec films already jumped the shark with Rec 2.

  3. I liked it. I really did. And i remember coming here and commenting after REC2.

    it was a nice break from the POV style and highly entertaining. But thats just me. Tho a few readers on my blog enjoyed it too. All fans of 1 & 2.

  4. i liked this one but not as rec movie,they could name it something else.

  5. http://www.cult-labs.com/blog/2012/09/04/a-special-interview-with-a-rec-genesis-zombie/

    Here's a special interview with a genuine REC zombie, Jose Melinas! You need to check this out!

  6. I don't think that Rec 3 should be judged as a horrible film just because it doesn't fit in as a sequel. Just think of it as a movie on its own.

  7. That's exactly why it gor a middle of the road grade. If it had been graded jsut as a sequel, it would have been bottom tier.

    It's hard to seperate this one from the series though, because it is a sequel, and it just isn't as godo as it's predecessors.