July 16, 2012

Random Comic Con bits- Rza's Iron Fists

Wu-Tang! We've been down with the Clan (Wu-Tang, not Klu Klux) since day one (their day one, not ours), and we duly recognize Their leader, The Rza, as a genius on the mixing board, as an MC, and as an overall visionary.

Now, he gets to see his dream of making a martial arts epic come true, with his The Man With the Iron Fists. *Click the poster above for the Movie Trailer.

With Russel Crowe, WWE's Batista and Eli Roth on board lending a hand, this movie is going to be the shiznit. We are truly geeked for this one.

The Rzarector (and his movie) gets all up in your sector on November 3rd.

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