July 6, 2012

Release Date List,,, has moved!

It's right above this post, in our handy new menu bar. Look up. Yeah, right there.

We've even separated it into two handy parts; Theatrical and DVD/BLu-ray/VOD. Now, when you need a comprehensive listing of what horror/genre flicks of interest are coming out and when, click on either list and enjoy.

Some site out there list a few movies on their "release" pages, others seem to update theirs for shit; one site still has Halloween 3D listed as coming out in October... even though it has been officially removed from the 2012 release schedule. As a fan, that pisses me of, especially since that site is a big one. 

I mean, it's all it's of great that most of the big horror sites out there all post the same "breaking News" stories, each in their own way of course, but it boggles my mind that none of them seem to put a true and consistent effort into letting their readers know what's coming and when.

Yes, it is a true pain to update a horror release date list, mainly because dates come late and tend to move around a lot, but come on. 80% of the dates that we do post, come to pass just as we say they will. We miss some, some shift and make us have to shift or remove them on out lists, but most stick.

The point is, YOU deserve to know what is coming and when, to the best of our knowledge, and if we're running a site that you frequent, it's our job to do the ground work and give you a dependable release schedule.

Now that our lists are separated, it will be way easier for you to navigate. *We're still working on the re-design, so bear with us.

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