July 2, 2012

The Middlins

2012 is half in the bag already, and it feels like it has flown by, doesn’t it? There have been a lot of genre flicks for horror fans to love/hate so far, so let’s take a quick mid-year pause to reflect on the year in horror thus far.

They aren't the best, they aren't the worst, they're simply The Midlins.

Some of the movies below were pretty good but had some flaws that kept them from being great, others were not so good but had an element or two about them that made them enjoyable. Still other hit the festival circuit last year but didn't see a proper release until this year... there are a lot of reasons for a movie to end up here.

Middle of the Road isn't the worst place to be.

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Keep in mind that the preceding list is more of a round-up than a definitive ranking.

The Worst be next...


  1. I want to see The Moth Diaries, I haven't heard of that one.

    This page is awesome! Keep up the good work.

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  2. Moth Diaries was worth a watch, Grimm.