July 16, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for July 16th


For our readers living in the U.S., Best Buy is doing their Upgrade and Save promotion this week. Now, I have no desire whatsoever to shill for Best Buy, but this deal is a great one for those of us who are compelled to buy Blu-ray's or upgrade our favorite DVD's to Blu-ray.

You can take 5 DVD's to the Customer Service desk at any Best Buy location (limit 5 per day), and they will give you a $5 coupon good towards the purchase of any Blu-ray they carry that is $9.99 or higher. The promotion goes from 7/15-7/21, so if you have some old DVD's sitting around and want some cash to use towards some new Blu-ray purchases, go do this now! Head to the Best Buy website for all of the details.

Here's our two day take:


All for $5 each, except the Bourne set, which we still got $5 off of.

I’m just saying, if you’re a fiend for buying movies, this is a sweet deal. I know it made me happy as hell.

As for the releases this week, we were distracted by the upgrade thing and probably wont be grabbing any of them just yet. Intruders and Lockout were decent, but I don't think I'd by either of them. Darkness I personally do want, but I've already spent enough this week.

We do have to say that Documenting the Grey Man and The Bunny Game do look interesting as well.

There are also some classics being issued on DVD and Blu this week like The Blood Beast Terror, Body Snatchers and Burke & Hare that might be worth a buy.

As for the rest... they look like rents or passes to us.

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  1. Wow! That's a great price for Best Buy. $5 is cheap!

  2. I have a Liebster award for you! Come and get it