July 30, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for July 31st

July has come and gone, but fortunately for we Videophiles, the last day of the month is a Tuesday!

This week's DVD & Blu-ray offerings are far better than they have been for the past few weeks.

As odd as it seems, out biggest must have of the week is First Born; we grew up on that flick, and to see the awesome little thriller about an evil step-dad and the kid who takes him on is a welcomed addition to our library.

Total Recall isn't our favorite Ahnuld movie, but it's a good one for the collection none the less. As far as Mystery Science Theater 3000 goes, any release by them is an automatic buy for us. That show was just crazy funny. You also can't go wrong with the A Blade in the Dark/Macabre/Shock 3-pack. We own them already, but if we didn't, we'd be all over that set. The Faculty and Phone are on the good side of the release fence too.

Most of the rest of this weeks releases are crap-shoots.

As far as the worst bets of the week go, there are a few we're avoiding. I really didn't like Detention at all, but that doesn't mean it wont find a loving audience for itself. Same goes for ATM, Sand Sharks and The Haunting of Whaley House;though they most likely wont find themselves a loving audience like Detention.

So get to shopping, just don't forget that next month is packed with great genre releases...

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