July 3, 2012

The Best of 2012... so far.

2012 is half in the bag already, and it feels like it has flown by, doesn’t it? There have been a lot of genre flicks for horror fans to love/hate so far, so let’s take a quick mid-year pause to reflect on the year in horror thus far.

It's pretty easy to throw words like "Best" and "Worst" around without much care. My best could be your worst. Ranking movies is fairly subjective work... but then again, it's not really that subjective. Take personal preference and bias out of the equation, and focus on aspects such as writing, plot structure, pacing, cinematography, acting and other "tangible" qualities, and it's more of an objective venture.

That being said, we're definitely elitist pricks who think they know the good and the bad, and you should listen to our words as if they are dogma. (Humor us... we have self-esteem issues.)

So what has 2012 given us in the way of good quality horror and genre entertainment?


For us, Cabin in the Woods is the best horror flick we've seen this year. Is it the best? Not necessarily, but it sure as hell was the most inventive and different, and we still smile when we think about it. The Blu-ray hits on September 18th and we are geeked; we need to see this movie and its extras in HD.

The Grey was bleak and almost depressing, but wow was it ever a good flick. It's more on the "heavy" side of things, but it definitely ranks amongst the year's best. Liam Neeson fist fighting wolves... come on!

The Woman in Black was a return to the old Hammer haunted house flicks of old for us. We loved its quiet atmosphere and the underlying feeling of dread present throughout. Definitely one of the most enjoyable flicks we've seen this year.

God Bless America... what a timely and fun little flick. Bobcat Goldthwait has given us an on-point indictment of modern day American pop culture and we loved the movie's message. If you like your horror laced with dark humor, then this is definitely a flick for you. Exploding baby FTW.

The Pact is definitely the surprise of the year for us thus far; we never expected it to be anything more than a b-grade flick at best, but were surprised to find it a competently made and effective creepfest. It takes a lot ot creep us out, even a little bit (mainly because we're equal parts desensitized and jaded), but The Pact managed to give us a few chills along with its thrills.

Finally we have Rabies; the little Jewish backwoods horror movie that could. It had nothing to do with rabies. You could call it a backwoods slasher flick but that wouldn't really do it justice. Whatever you classify it as, it's a different and entertaining movie that has more going for it than the average stalk-and-slash flick.


We can't make a best of list without mentioning a few non-horror flicks.

Our favorite movie of the year in any genre has to be The Avengers; a big budget summer popcorn flick with heart, a solid story, great characters and some amazing action. This is the movie that will redefine both blockbusters and comic book flicks forever.

The Raid: Redemption was a hell of a good time too. It's no big budget blockbuster, but I'll be damned if I've seen any other flick that small pack so much crazy action and insanity into a two hour time frame, and do it this well, in years.

Hunger Games, Prometheus and Snow White, while not being perfect, were all great flicks in their own way.

Those that deserve Honorable Mention:

Keep in mind that the preceding list is more of a round-up than a definitive ranking.

The Midlins are next...


  1. The Sleeper made your best of list? I remember a lukewarm review. Better on re-watch?

  2. It was a lukewarm review, a C actually. Having seen it again since, I think it feels like more of a B.

    I don't like going back and changing grades, it feels disingenuous. I'm not above admitting that something is better/worse than I originally thought it to be though.

    There have been times when a movie has made it onto our 10 Best list at the end of the year, when its grade has been lower than other movies.

    Maybe I should just do retroactive grade updates :)~

  3. As a fellow elitist prick, I agree with your objectively qualified choices.

    Having said that, none of these horror movies have been particularly outstanding or memorable.

    Even with hindsight or retroactive grading, it's how you feel about the movie at the time which counts. Each movie is a product of all the events, tropes and formulas leading up to it and is a reflection of what is popular at that time. Going back to change grades when comparing a movie to even worse turds is falling into the trap of "well, it was okay..." and accepting mediocrity. Only saying.

  4. Agreed, Dr. Blood.

    "Even with hindsight or retroactive grading, it's how you feel about the movie at the time which counts. Each movie is a product of all the events, tropes and formulas leading up to it and is a reflection of what is popular at that time."

    I think that there are a few other factors to consider, but that was a great point overall.

  5. Didn't take issue with your review dude! I just skipped it based on the C haha

  6. That's cool, Anon. So many movies out there, we all have to skip some.

    For the record, a "C" from us is average. Decent. Watchable.

    Anything below a "C", well... lol

  7. already seen the woman in black and really like it. love the ambiance it gave and there are a lot of creepy stuffs

  8. Woman in Black was definitely a goodie, Mobb.

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  10. can someone tell me who the chick winking is?? what movie?


  11. Howard, that is the ever-hot Eva Green, of Casino Royale fame. :)