July 8, 2012

Sleep well, Sweet Prince... Ernest Borgnine has died at 95.

The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunch, The Black Hole, Airwolf... the man starred in 203 titles over the span of his career, and some of those titles are amongst our all time favorites. He could play it funny, he could play it tough, he could play it lovable or even creepy... no matter how he played it though, he always played it well.

As horror fans, we loved him in Willard, The Devil's Rain, Deadly Blessing, and most especially, Escape From New York. We will never again hear the American Bandstand theme song without picturing him as Cabbie. For us, that song is his now.

If there's one movie of his that I loved the best though, it would have to be The Poseidon Adventure. One of the first movies I ever saw as a kid, and his portrayal as the movie's tough guy (Rogo) made me want to learn to swim so I could save people just like he did. He was that good.

Get some rest, old man. You most definitely deserve it.


  1. I honestly thought that he'd snuffed it years ago. He used to be in everything in the '70s.

  2. I though he and Andy Griffith were bot dead already, and look who was still alive...

    Makes me wonder about Hal Holbrook.... brb lol