July 24, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for July 24th

As far as this weeks DVD and Blu-ray releases go, we're tucking our money away for the must own titles that will be bombarding us over the next two months.

If we're being honest, most of this week's releases look to be low budget DTV movies (we know how those usually go), which will be viewed by us on Netflix or Cable, if at all. There are however, a few notables in the group.

Babycall is an interesting movie, starring Prometheus and Dragon Tattoo Trilogy bad-ass hottie, Noomi Rapace. It's definitely worth a rent. The Girl from the Naked Eye was a movie that we enjoyed enough not to be pissed that we payed to see it, and The Island of Dr. Moreau is worth checking out just to see Kilmer and Brando on screen together.

The biggest release of the week though, is The Silent House. It's decent enough to warrant a rental, although we'd personally wait and check it out on Netflix. Not a bad movie, just not a very good one.


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