November 15, 2014

What's new on Netflix?

As popular as Netflix is, it's not easy trying to figure out what they add and when, because for some ridiculous reason, they don't really tell you. Their "What's New on Netflix" and "Recently Added" sections are fine, but they're very, very limited.

New movies and TV Shows sneak onto Netflix all the time, but unless you're searching through the titles and randomly come across something that looks new, you'd never know that they're there... Especially when it comes to anything Horror.

With that in mind, we decided to offer an on-going list of What's New on Netflix, so that you can stay on top of what's been recently added, as far as both Horror Movies and TV Shows go. We've broken it up by section, to include Recently Added titles and New & Noteworthy titles that are older, yet newly-added.

  • These lists are as up-to-date as possible, going back about three months or so.
  • They aren't perfect, but they're a great starting point.
  • We will do our best to keep this page as current as possible, but Netflix is sneaky! 
  • Going forward, all links go to each movie's Netflix page.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other newer releases on Netflix for the watching, and for a bigger listing that includes all Genres, is a great resource.
The newest Horror/Genre Movies & TV Shows to land on Netflix, listed by add date.
Here’s a mix of some newer movies and some older Horror & Genre favorites that are now available for streaming. Listed A-Z.
8all[6]1a7Battlebeneath3[1]Big BadBlood[1]Blue[1]ByzantiumCabin[1]520gallows[8]86710From121horns21Human1000083NeverNight1127proxy[1]ReSacrament[1]Sixthsnow3[1]6stage[1]20[4]Taking3[1]Tales231Underworld2Whitewitching[1]wolf[1]Woman2
Need a new show to binge-watch? Here's the newest and best that Netflix has to offer. Listed A-Z.


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    1. Removed your comment by accident, Zocial. Sorry about that!

      I know you've been around a logn time, and thanks. I will try my damndest to keep that Netflix Page updated at least a few tiems a week, but they don't release a ton of Horror & related Genre stuff in droves. October was a big one for Netflix though.

      I look at most of the "bg" horror sites out there, and it kilsl me how hard it is to find info on new releases of any kind,that's why we do the DVD/VOD?Theatrical, and now, Netflix pages. What's out & what's coming out is one of the biggest things that movie lovers need to keep current on, you know?

  2. I was sad these didn't link to your reviews this time.

  3. I didnt add links becase this post took FOREVER to organize and finish... I'll add links soon, although for themovies we haven't reviewed, they'll most likely be IMDB links.