November 23, 2014

What's new on Netflix? (Week Ending 11/22)
It's never easy trying to figure out what's new on Netflix (because they suck at telling you), but never fear, because we're here to help!

Below are the newest & most noteworthy Genre releases that have been added to Netflix over the past week, that may just be fit to meet your streaming & binge-watching needs. If you need more streaming options, head on over to our full What's New on Netflix Page, and have at it!

Cannibal & Dream House are the only Horror movies to hit Netflix this past week, but at least they're both decent watches.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. might be good for a binge-watch, as few of us here at THC really seem to a like it for what it is. I haven't personally seen it, but am curious to give it a look at some point, especially if it keeps tying into the movies like it did with Captain America: The Winter Solider. Good or bad though, it’s now available to stream.

Peaky Blinders is everything we wanted Boardwalk Empire to be, only with a decidedly British twist. Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill are top-notch in this show (as is the rest of the cast), and Tom Hardy showing up in Season 2 makes it even better. If you like gangster drama, do not miss out on this show. It's one of the best of the year, no doubt.

Ripper Street is a decent period drama about coppers in London’s East End, right after Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror ended. We liked Season 1, and will be catching up with later seasons as soon as we're able.

Sabotage is a silly action flick, but hey, we need those in our lives now and then. Arnold is in his 60's now though, so you know, it's a bit of a hard sell...

TVfallHinter170 x 240
If you like shows like Luther, Broadchurch, or The Killing, then these UK Shows will be right up your alley, mate.

The Fall is a show that we caught last year, that we absolutely loved. The 2nd Season won’t be on Netflix (US) until January 1st, but now is a great time to check out Season 1, and get all caught up before it premieres. Gillian Anderson is great in this bloody, twisted little Cop Thriller. *Season 2 is airing right now in the U.K.

Hinterland may be the first Welsh TV Show that we’ve ever seen, and we have to say that it’s pretty solid so far (we’re only 2 episodes in.) Known as Y Gwyll in Wales, Hinterland is a quiet and effective Cop Thriller, and Wales is gorgeous, which makes it pleasing to the eye. Give this one a look if you’re in the mood for something a bit different.

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