October 5, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #27: 30 Days of Night (2007)

Title: 30 Days of Night
Year: 2007.
Sub-Genre: Vampire.
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One of the better vampire movies of the past two decades, 30 Days of Night actually portrayed vampires as they're supposed to be; hungry, bloodthirsty, unforgiving creatures. They exist to feed, and nothing stops them from using humans as cattle. No romance. No vampire character development. Just pure, animalistic bloodsucking. Even if they aren't feeding, they live to kill.

Visually, 30 Days of Night is a stunning movie, from the way that the vampires look, to the liberal amounts of blood that is spilled on the endless white snow, to its beautiful and isolated location. We also really love how the movie takes time to establish its characters, and place them in a situation that actually feels real; it made us care more, thus making the whole thing feel incredibly dire.

That's probably because it's an adaptation of a Comic Book. Funny how so many of those things tend to be well-written.


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