October 28, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #4: Martyrs (2008)

Title: Martyrs
Year: 2008.
Sub-Genre: Home Invasion, Torture Porn.

Perhaps the most brutal of any movie on our Millennium Countdown, Martyrs is both a punishing, and a transcendent experience. 

The French have a special way of making movies (especially Horror movies) mean something more than they should. Sometimes it comes across as a being bit self-indulgent, and sometimes that's exactly what it is, but adding a level of mental/spiritual depth to something as brutal and painstaking as Martyrs is a stroke of genius. Pascal Laugier did something bold and daring with this movie, and he pulled it off extremely well; so as not to ruing things, I'll just say that what he did was make us question our beliefs to the point where we were left in existential crisis, and he did so while making us endure some of the most intensely brutal instances of abuse and torture that we've ever seen in a film. 

If you can stand this movie, then you can probably take just about anything that the Horror Genre has to offer.

Martyrs is nothing short of brilliant, in both execution and in concept. The thing about it is though, this movie may not be for you. Hell, this movie may not be for most people, but it makes you think, it makes you cringe, and it really makes you wonder... wonder where French Horror filmmakers get their sick and twisted ideas from.



See you tomorrow with #3!

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