October 16, 2015

Update: What's New on Netflix?

It's been all tricks and no treats from Netflix so far this October, as they haven't really been going out of their way to add any new (or even older) Horror movies to their line-up help get us into the Halloween Spirit. As much garbage as they do add on a regular basis, they really couldn't take one month of the year and give its subscribers some extra Horror & Thriller titles to make them happy?

Since our last update, Netflix has added a whopping 3 new Horror titles to their line-up, with the best of them being The Lazarus Project. That almost feels like a slap in the face.

Anywho... Beasts of No Nation looks great (although it's not Horror); The Lazarus Project was decent enough; Circle looks like an interesting Thriller; Strangerland was a creepy Drama/Thriller; and Djinn & The Sitter are Direct-To-DVD fare.

You really need to step up your game, Netflix.


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