October 30, 2015

What's New On VOD This Week? (10/27-10/30)

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We're going to be switching up the format of our weekly VOD post through the end of October; with the sheer volume of titles hitting VOD between now and Halloween, we need to condense things a bit, or else risk having some crazy long posts.

You can still rent the movies or watch their trailers by clicking the posters below, so really, same thing, just a different format.

The Halloween Season might be all but over with, but we still have one Friday's worth of VOD releases to help us send the best month of the year out with a bang!

A haunted hand; a creepy gift-giving stalker; one of the world movies of 2015; a fun spy flick; and a Sci-Fi version of Freaky Friday... what an oddly uneven week it is for VOD releases.

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  • The Gift is the one VOD release above all others that you should be looking out for this weekend. It's a smart, intense Thriller that gave us something completely different than we were expecting. Our review is coming soon, but for now just know that if you're in the mood for an Adult Thriller (maturity-wise, not sexy-wise), then this one will absolutely satisfy you. 
  • Bloody Knuckles looks like a crazy fun movie, and with the advance reviews that it's garnered, we'll be sure not to miss it now that it's widely available. 
  • Even as a morbid curiosity, The Human Centipede 3 is a total mess. Save your money for something else. Read our review HERE
  • As for the week's Non-Horror releases: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was a fun spy flick, and Self/Less looks like another Ryan Reynolds flop. Proceed with caution.

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  1. The Man From UNCLE was a fun flick and it deserved more at the box-office, while Self/Less was cool little thriller. As for the others The Gift is one of the best movies of the year, and The Human Centipede 3 one of the worst of the century (man that movie was awful)

    1. We loved The Gift, Miguel. And yes, Human Centipede 3 was AWFUL.