October 1, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #31: What We Do In the Shadows (2015)

Title: What We Do In the Shadows
Year: 2015
Sub-Genre: Horror Comedy, Vampire.
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One of the funniest movies of 2015, as well as in recent years, What We Do In the Shadows sneaks into the #31 spot on our countdown. This is the only movie from 2015 to make this Best of the New Millennium list, but we just couldn't ignore how well executed it was, and how much we enjoyed it, especially on repeat viewings. Truly good Horror Comedies are a rare animal, and we're glad that Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi gave us this one.

If you haven't added this one to your repertoire yet, you're missing out.


See you tomorrow with #30!

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