October 21, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #11: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Title: The Cabin In the Woods
Year: 2012.
Sub-Genre: Backwoods, Creature, Survival.

As far as self-aware movies go, it gets no better than The Cabin in the Woods. A movie by Genre geeks, for Genre geeks, this one was crazy fun from start to finish, and not just because everything about it was a wink and a nod to the Genre that spawned it; no, this was actually a pretty smart and well-crafted movie that felt fresher than most movies that we'd seen in recent years.

It's hard to call any movie perfect, as there is always room for improvement in any film (excluding The Godfather I & II), but it's also hard for us not to call this one perfect; it was entertaining, exciting, fun, well-written, perfectly-acted, bloody, gory, and even a bit sexy... not to mention that fantastic ending that said "Up yours, typical, predictable endings!"

The Cabin in the Woods does things exactly how a good Horror Comedy should, and then some. It's just a shame that we can't get more movies like it.



See you tomorrow with #10!

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