October 26, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #6: Inside (2008)

Title: Inside
Year: 2008.
Sub-Genre: Home Invasion, Survival.

From the stomach-churning opening credits, to its disturbing finale, Inside is one of the most shacking, brutal, and horrific movies that we've ever seen. 

Very, very few movies have ever disturbed us as much as Inside (À l'intérieur) does. The idea of an insane woman chasing a pregnant woman around a dark house, with the twisted intention of cutting the baby out of her stomach so that she can have it for herself, is just about as terrifying as a movie plot can get. What makes it worse is how directors Bustillo & Maury use an exploitation-level of brutality and gore to help that story unfold in the most shocking of ways.

The way that Beatrice Dalle's La Femme stalks through the shadows of the house like a ghost is spooky as hell, and the way that she swiftly doles out violent punishment to any who stand in the way of her goal is shockingly horrific. She's one of the best movie villains of the New Millennium.

As excellent as it was, we felt tainted after watching Inside. If you have yet to see this modern-day classic, then you owe it to yourself to seek it out and give it a watch.



See you tomorrow with #5!


  1. Easily one of my top favorites! This movie stays with you and definitely leaves a stain on the old soul. It may be time for another viewing if I can stomach up the nerve.

  2. Do you guys think the Demons 2 steelbook is worth a purchase> I already own the first.

    Also do you guys think Pod 2015 is worthy?

    1. The Demons 2 Steelbook is absolutely worth a purchase... buti's pretty expensive, especially now that you're going to have to buy it from a re-seller. Synapse does excellent work on their Blu-ray titles. If the price tag doesn't bother you, go for it. If it does, tey sell a much cheaper "regular" version of the movie.

      Haven't seen POD, so maybe rent it before buying.