October 9, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #23: Slither (2006)

Title: Slither
Year: 2007.
Sub-Genre: Horror Comedy, Creature, Body Horror.

Another Horror Comedy? Yes, another one, because there are a handful of them out there from the New Millennium that blend the two genres together in such a flawless manner, that they have to be celebrated. Slither is one that does it better than most.

Slither has an intoxicating retro feel about it that recalls such 80's gems as Night of the Creeps or maybe even Night of the Comet, but takes things to a completely higher comedic level. James Gunn just has a special touch when it comes to mixing comedy with action (of any type), and it's probably because he's not afraid to let things get a bit sentimental too. And gross. And fun.

Disgusting, funny as hell, and highly-quotable, Slither is a very self-aware movie that is constantly winking at its audience while it's busy grossing them out and making them laugh. Plus, any movie where Nathan Fillion is the hero, is alright in our book.



See you tomorrow with #22!

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