October 31, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #1: Trick 'r Treat (2009)

Title: Trick 'r Treat
Year: 2009.
Sub-Genre: Anthology.

And so we arrive at the #1 spot on our Millennium Countdown to find Trick 'r Treat waiting for us, and rightly so.

If you want to debate our claim that Trick 'r Treat is the best Horror movie of the past 15 years, we won't be mad at you; there are many great Horror movies out there that could occupy this top spot, and they would absolutely deserve to be there. The reason that Trick 'r Treat gets the #1 nod from us though, is because no other movie has quite captured the Spirit of Halloween like this one does... in both the figurative, and literal sense. Not even Halloween (1978). Blasphemy, I know.

T'rT is a twisted, darkly humorous, creative, and fun movie, and Sam is one of the coolest Horror movie monsters ever. The literal Spirit of Halloween, Sam(hain) only appears in the background throughout most of this movie (until he gets his own segment at the end), but even with that limited screen-time, he made quite an impact.

It's a shame that Warner Bros. dumped this one on DVD, and never gave it a chance in theaters. As great as it is, we can't imagine that people wouldn't have flocked to see it in droves; positive word of mouth alone would have ensured it made its small, $12 million budget back, and then some. Then again, we don't run a Studio, so what do we know?

Trick 'r Treat is an instant classic of the 21st Century, and one that should be viewed every Halloween as A Christmas Story is viewed every Christmas. It's a new tradition, folks.




  1. This movie is Fucking Aces, I mean really, Fucking Aces. period.

    Nuff said`

  2. Well said, Mike. Fucking Aces indeed.

  3. I'm not debating this. There might be better films out there, but to me, Trick r Treat and Halloween is gonna like Home Alone and Christmas. TrT is spooky fun and I love every bit of it! Also, I found the film from you, so, thanks a lot!

    1. Agreed 100%

      For the record, the end of Home Alone is the best damned part. A perfect Christmas sentiment.

  4. This movie is one of my favorite horror movies ever, When I was a kid Creepshow got me into horror and I have always loved anthologies even if most of them are not really good. By the time I watched Trick r Treat I was around 20 and had already lost faith in finding a horror movie that would make me feel like when I was 10 but this movie did the job and love it for that. Great pick for a number one spot! Can't wait for the sequel. Happy Halloween guys, it was an awesomet list!

    1. Never lose faith, Liquid. The good oens may be few and far between, but when they do come around, there's nothing better.

      Hope you had a good Halloween too.