October 30, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #2: Session 9 (2001)

Title: Session 9
Year: 2001.
Sub-Genre: Haunted House, Psychological, Supernatural.

Session 9 is hands-down one of the creepiest movies ever made.

It's not much on blood or kills, and there aren't any jump-scares to be had, but nothing tops this Brad Anderson film for creepy atmosphere; between the eerily unsettling "Session" tapes that we hear playing throughout, to the music, to the isolation of the asylum itself, this is the kind of movie that will unsettle you enough to make you get up and turn on all of the lights on in your house.

I especially like the ending; was the voice on the tapes just a disturbed patient, or something more sinister that drives people to murder? I think it's a little Demonic if you ask me, but then again, I have a vivid imagination. Either way, it will make you look at it differently when you watch it a second time.

"I live in the weak and the wounded, Doc."

Chilling as hell.

If you haven't seen this movie, do so now; alone, in the dark, and preferably at around midnight.



See you tomorrow with #1!


  1. Love this movie, I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the list. Now I need to watch it again because the vanilla gorilla hasn't seen it