October 1, 2015

Do You Have Your Copy of Trick 'r Treat Ready To Go?

Someday, some smart Cable Network is going to realize that "Hey, this Trick 'r Treat movie is the A Christmas Story for Halloween... so why don't we have this playing for 24 hours on the 31st?" Yeah, good question, idiots. Why don't you? You'd think that it would at least be on Netflix by now, wouldn't you?

Until that day comes though, we're going to have to fend for ourselves and make sure that we have our own copies of Trick 'r Treat ready to go, so that we can watch them at least once during October.

Trick 'r Treat and Halloween are the two movies that you pretty much have to watch to be able to celebrate Halloween in proper fashion, and for only $9.99, it's as much of a Must Own as any movie could ever be, at least for us Horror fans. If you don't already own it for yourself, rectify that sad situation now, before Amazon runs out over the next few weeks... which like last year, they most likely will.



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