October 8, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #24: Trollhunter (2011)

Title: The Troll Hunter
Year: 2011.
Sub-Genre: Mockumentary, Creature.
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One of the absolute best Found Footage/POV flicks that we've ever seen, Trollhunter has a certain charm about it that most other movies of its kind lack. We're not saying that most gruesome, nasty Found Footage flicks need to be charming, only that this movie, and especially its main character, Hans, are charming as hell. Then again, Trollhunter does dwell in the Black Comedy end of the pool, so it has to be charming to a point in order for it to work...

Charm aside though, this is one hell of a fantastic monster movie. The Trolls are massive and terrifying, and this movie sucked us in so completely, that we actually kind of believe that there are Trolls living under the mountains in Norway now... and that Hans is out there, hunting them like a boss. We've always been gullible that way.

This is just a great, enjoyable movie, in every single way. 

*The picture above is exactly why we loved this movie; see that little figure in front of that 100m-tall Troll? Well, that's the Trollhunter, and he's about to whoop that Troll's ass!


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