October 15, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #17: The Ring (2002)

Title: The Ring
Year: 2002.
Sub-Genre: Supernatural, Remake.

The first American remake of a Japanese Horror film, The Ring earned a tidy $249 million at the worldwide Box Office. Now, commercial success is never an indicator of whether something is good or not, but in the case of this Horror remake, it at  least illustrates that the movie struck a nerve with audiences.

Plus, it was really good.

You can't really hope to top the original Ringu with its perfect atmosphere or terrifying impact, but Gore Verbinski managed to give his remake an effective atmosphere of its own, and gave American audiences a legitimate taste of what made J-Horror so great; creepy kids; vengeful, long-haired ghosts dressed in white; and technology rebelling against us and dooming us all... it's all here. Naomi Watts made for a great (and sexy) heroine as well.

The Ring is a great movie, a great remake, and for better or worse, kicked off the trend of Hollywood remaking Horror properties that began in the early 2000's, and is still going strong today.



See you tomorrow with #16!

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