October 7, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #25: The Descent (2005)

Title: The Descent
Year: 2005
Sub-Genre: Creature, Survival, Confined Space/Trapped.
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As great as The Descent is, it's one that frustrates us. We included it on out Best of list though because it truly deserves to be here. Let it never be said that we aren't fair and impartial!

There's probably not a Horror movie out there that pulls off the whole claustrophobia thing as well as The Descent does. The idea of being trapped hundreds of feet below the surface of the Earth, with little hopes of escape, is just about as terrifying as it gets. Add to that terrifying scenario the fact that a band of subterranean mutants wants to eat you, and what you've got is an intense movies that will leave you shaken.

A fan and critical favorite, The Descent is one of the best movies to come out of the 2000's.


See you tomorrow with #24!

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