October 9, 2015

VOD Review: I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine (2015)

The average Rape Revenge flick isn't usually our cup of tea. I don't know if that kind of subject matter is just a little bit too "real world" for us to enjoy, or if it's the fact that these kinds of movies almost always involve a dude getting his dick cut off, but we tend not to get much enjoyment out of them at all.

The gore gags are always great though, so I suppose that's one thing...

The remake of I Spit On your Grave (1978) was one of the biggest surprises of the year for us back in 2010; it was competent, nasty as hell, and Sarah Butler, aside from being smoking hot, made for one  of the most compelling Final Girls in recent memory. We're not sure why, but we never managed to catch I Spit On Your Grave 2. When we heard that the heroine from the first movie was returning for this third sequel in the series though, we decided to give it a go, and we're not unhappy that we did.

It's been five years since the events of I Spit On Your Grave, and Jennifer Hill is still trying to heal. I mean, torturing redneck rapists takes a toll, you know? At the suggestion of her therapist, she joins a survivors group, with the idea that opening up in front of other people who have endured similar horrific assaults might do her some good.

While there, she bonds with fellow survivor, Marla, who is every bit as traumatized as she is, and then some. When they learn about a young girl's abuse at the hands of her stepfather, they decide to pay the guy a visit, and end up nearly killing him. The new partnership of vengeance looks to be off to a strong start... until Marla turns up dead at the hands of her abusive ex-boyfriend.

With the killer going free due to a lack of evidence, Jennifer loses her shit, and turns into the female version of Charles Bronson, embarking on a course of brutal vengeance which sees her killing off the scummiest of scumbags in some pretty vile ways... which we're totally cool with, because they absolutely have it coming.

Rape Revenge-fueled-insanity ensues.

This was a surprisingly better sequel than we thought it would be. It had its issues, but as far as the average Rape Revenge flick goes, it also did a lot of things right. Along with some pretty nasty gore gags, Sarah Butler basically carried this movie on her back. She's a hell of an actress that plays tough better than most, and she was all kinds of tough throughout this one. A bit deranged, as well. It was interesting to see how this movie made her both hero and villain at the same time, as this movie could have easily gone the full "men are evil and need to be stopped!" route. That balance was kind of refreshing.

As for those gore gags... well, gorehounds rejoice, because this movie contains plenty of horrifically brutal violence. The first of Jennifer's kills is one of the most graphic things we've ever seen, and that's not hyperbole at all. We won't ruin it for you, but Jesus, they seriously went THERE with that scene, and they weren't shy about showing it in graphic detail. The anal pipe-fitting scene was no picnic either.

As for the negatives, we weren't thrilled about the way that some of the movie's violence was only a part of Jennifer's imagination. Most of what happened actually happened, but there were times when something crazy would pop off, only to be revealed as a fantasy in Jennifer's mind. Even though it served a purpose plot-wise, it was kind of distracting.

There was also a lot of male bashing throughout this one, which is completely understandable for the average Rape Revenge flick, but in this day and age of SJW causes where entire groups of people are vilified by other groups of people who just want something to rally against, it was a little grating. In all fairness though, the movie ended up being pretty balanced in that aspect, so it's not a huge complaint.

The twist at the end became fairly obvious about halfway through the movie too.

A fairly well-made flick, I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine ended up being way better than we expected it to be. It's still middle-of-the-road fare to us, but it was definitely good enough to warrant a watch. If you're down with seeing a bad-ass chick doling out justice to evil men who have it coming (and then some), then this is definitely a movie that you'll want to check out.


I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine is available now on VOD.


Sarah Butler is a sassy little mynx, and a tough one to boot. Also, sexy.


  1. Listen, I just wanted to tell you guys, becuase I have no idea the amount of readership you have(a site ticker count would be cool), that I for one think that you guys do an amazing job here. I would gladly pay money to read your reviews, if it were in some magazine form(ala EW).
    Just giving some props were they are most def well deserved.

    Keep up the great work. One of my favorate horror shows, in form of a pod cast, didn't put out a new episode this last month after 5 years of stellar entertainment for people like me. TerrorTransmission is their site, and they make podcasts in a movie commentary format. They are on hiatus, and I fear that they may be hanging up their hat. I've donated money to them over the years, and now am wishing I gave more if this was due to lack of funds. If you guys ever decided to take donations, I would gladly pay.

    1. First of all, Mike, thanks for the kind words. As the guy who does 100% of the work on the site, they mean alot. From day one, our goal was to keep a record of what we, as friends and family, watched together. When we realized that other people around the world were coming here and reading what we wrote, it evolved into a thing where we wanted to help people discover and love the many deserving movies that are out there, just like we did.

      This was never really intended to be a "site" so to speak, but it evolved into exactly that, and we love it.

      I used to have a site ticker at the bottom, but it was 3rd party, and after a while it went all wonky, and wasnt rendering the proper stats. Being that we were already 4 years into being a site, we didnt want to start over with a new one and have those stats not included, so I just deleted it.

      I did keep the Global Friends counter at the bottom though, because I was always amazed at how many people from different countries came to visit us, all in the name of horror. The counts on that one probably aren't accurate anymore either, but I love what it represents.

      I try to keep things informative with a fun twist. A lot of sites don't use pictures and captions like we do, and I understand why, but I never wanted what I wrote to be just blocks of text. To me, visual stimulus, and mixing serious commentary with levity, is impportant. I'm glad that what we do here works for true Horror fans like you.

      I've never been one to stick my hand out for dontations, but I understand how money is needed to keep things going, and more importantly, to improve things. At some point maybe I'll give our readers and option to contribute if they'd like to, but for now, the fact that what I do, and what we all represent, is appreciated by people out there who are just like us.

      You, and everyone else out there who comes to our site and reads our words, are a part of our club. So enjoy, and thanks for the support!

  2. This movie pissed me off, as a fan of the original. They completely distorted this character, and she has to be the only female that could possibly get raped by every guy she comes upon, I think she needs to move.