October 7, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror Week One Wrap-Up!

It's hard to believe that we're already 7 days into October, but here we are with Halloween only three weeks away!

#'s 25-31 of our 31 Days of Horror celebration are some of the greatest movies that have come out since 2000, but as great as they are, the movies that still lie ahead on our countdown are going to be even better.

So get to watching, get caught up, and get ready for the Millennium Horror greatness to come!

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  1. Like your choices so far, although I haven't actually seen Black Sheep yet. I am curious as to the rest of the list as the Descent would easily be top 5 to me and 30 days of Night would be high as well. Cannot wait to see what is next!

    1. If you like Horror Comedies, then see Black Sheep!

      And The Descent was one that almost didn't make our list, but we included it because it deserved to be included. I know that it's Top 5, and even #1, for a ton of people, and I absolutely get it. Just not for us.

      Ranking movies on a list is all a pretty subjective exercise to begin with. We just wanted to get 31 of the best movies on the list, which was difficult enough.

      Plus, discussion and debate is the best part of making any list :)

  2. Hey for what it is worth, I just walked out of The Final Girls premier at The Spookyfest Film Festival in Silver Springs Maryland and it had horror comedy down and was a great meta-funny-slasher film. Check it out!

    1. Definitely seeing it this weekend. Glad to hear it rocked!