October 31, 2015

The 31 Days of Millennium Horror Archive

31 days, 31 of the Best Horror Movies of the New Millennium.

Were they the movies that everyone expected, or even wanted? No, probably not all of them. We did our best to to highlight the best of the best Genre movies that we’ve seen over the past decade and a half though, and as objective as we tried to be, this list was never going to please everybody.

That's alright though. It pleased us to be able to give some love to 31 dynamically different, and fundamentally excellent movies. 

Some of the movies on this list are instant classics. Some were funny, while others were terrifying. They come from all over the world, bringing distinctly different voices to a Genre that so often needs a fresh new voice to rise above the dull droning of the ordinary masses.

Above all else, the 31 movies below are great films, each in their own way, and should be seen by anyone who truly loves Horror.

So here is a recap of the 31 Best Horror Movies of the New Millennium. At least, according to us.


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