October 6, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #26: Black Sheep (2006)

Title: Black Sheep
Year: 2006
Sub-Genre: Horror Comedy, Killer Animal, Body Horror.
Read our full review HERE.

There are certain movies that come along that we instantly fall in love with, and Black Sheep is a perfect example of exactly that.

The idea of people fighting for their lives against a herd of mongoloid were-sheep is funny enough, but when you add in a love story between a mad scientist and one of those were-sheep, and it's even better. Plus, the way that the filmmakers made the sheep seem so ominous is just perfect. We don't blame you if you think this movie looks and sounds ridiculous, because it really is, but it's so damned funny that its ridiculous nature ends up being a big virtue instead of a hindrance.

If you're a fan of stupid yet smart Horror Comedies, you absolutely have to experience Black Sheep. *If you want more specifics on the movie, or if you just want a good laugh, read our review which is linked above. It's probably my favorite out of the 800+ that I've written.


See you tomorrow with #25!

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