October 2, 2015

What's New on VOD This Week? (9/29-10/2)

VOD 550
We're going to be switching up the format of our weekly VOD post through the end of October; with the sheer volume of titles hitting VOD between now and Halloween, we need to condense things a bit, or else risk having some crazy long posts.

You can still rent the movies or watch their trailers by clicking the posters below, so really, same thing, just a different format.

October is finally here, and it looks like it brought 11 new VOD Releases along with it to kick The Halloween Season off the right way, and at least five of them look like they're worth renting.

The next two week's are even bigger, release-wise, so get ready.

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  • Jurassic World is the biggest VOD release of the week, as it was the biggest movie on the planet this past Summer. This is exactly the type of movie that HDTVs exist for, and we can't wait to see it again.
  • Deathgasm is the movie that we're most excited to check out this week. It looks like a rocking good time, and we'll be reviewing it asap. 
  • We're also really excited to see A Christmas Horror Story. The trailer looks good, and it has garnered some positive word of mouth thus far, and did you know that William Shatner is 84-years-old, and still going strong?
  • The Hive was great in some ways, but a big letdown in many others. Check out our review HERE for the full scoop. 
  • Lyle and Nocturna both look interesting enough to consider renting, especially Nocturna.
  • Word is that Blunt Force Trauma is bad, but we really like the post-True Blood Ryan Kwanten, and so we still want to see it. We're rebels like that.
  • Dead Girls, Djinn, and Finders Keepers are all lower-budget flicks that we're not at all sure about. 
  • And finally we have The Gallows, which wasn't very good at all. That one we're 100% sure about.


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