October 16, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #16: Bubba Ho-Tep (2003)

Title: Bubba Ho-Tep 
Year: 2003.
Sub-Genre: Horror Comedy, Creature.

Here at the halfway point of our Millennium Countdown, we arrive at what is probably the oddest movie of the lot, Bubba Ho-Tep.

It's definitely a Horror Comedy, with Bruce Campbell delivering plenty of laugh out loud lines, but it's just as much of a sentimental movie as it is anything else. This is a hard one to describe to anyone who hasn't seen it, and it's even harder to sell once you have described it, because it sounds so ridiculous. Which it is. But then again, it really isn't.

Say what you will about Bubba Ho-Tep, but it's one of the most unique and original story ideas that we've ever seen. If you have one, this movie will tug at your heartstrings as much as it makes you laugh, and it's honestly one that you'll never forget.

All is well.



See you tomorrow with #15!


  1. Hi my name is Pippo, i'm italian. I noticed you love many old italians movie. Why? have you italian origin?

    1. Ciao, Pippa. Some of us have a bit of Italian in us, but we (and I especially) love old Italian Horror & Giallo because it's just so great. Even now, the films of Bava, Argento, and Fulci (and many more) have a special feel about them, and they are nothing like anyone else in the world has ever done.

      Italy is a very culture-rich country, and it shows through in many of their films. Hope that all made some sort of sense :)

  2. A well made movie that I ultimately did not enjoy, but understand why it is on the list.

    1. Understandable. I can't really fault anyone for not loving this movie, as it is a very different one, but at least you understand why some people think that it's great, and don't just dismiss it out of hand.