October 4, 2015

What's New on Netflix for October?

Four days into October, and Netflix has already released some solid Genre titles, chief amongst them: The Blood Lands; Dark Was the Night; The Corpse Bride; Pernicious; and The Relic. Now, those may not all be top-tier movies, but at least they're trying. They barely released anything of note in July and August.

There will no doubt be plenty of surprise titles that just show up on Netflix throughout the month, so be sure to check back often.

*Upcoming releases for October are at the bottom.

Be sure to visit our full What's New on Netflix? Page, where where you can find every notable Genre release of the past 4 months, plus a small list at the bottom of some other notable favorites for you to add to your Netflix Playlists.

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Coming Soon 2
*We're surprised to see that Tremors 5 is scheduled to be available on Netflix the same day that it's released on Blu-ray & VOD.

October 6 
American Horror Story: Freak ShowiZombie (Season 1)
The Flash (Season 1)
The Originals (Season 2)
Tremors 5: Bloodline (2015)

October 7 
Arrow (Season 3)
Supernatural (Season 10)

October 14 
The Lazarus Effect (2015)

October 23 
Hemlock Grove (Season 3)

October 27 
Manson Family Vacation (2015)

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