October 22, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #10: Zodiac (2007)

Title: Zodiac
Year: 2007.
Sub-Genre: Serial Killer, Thriller.

One of the most mysterious and terrifying serial killers of the 20th century, one of the most brilliant films of the 21st; Zodiac is aces in every way. With this intense Thriller, David Fincher truly captured the panic and fear that gripped the residents of Northern California in the late 60's-early 70's, as the Zodiac Killer preyed upon young men and women. 7 confirmed victims, 4 suspected victims, and one alleged survivor; it's impossible to know how many victims the Zodiac truly claimed, especially since he was never caught.

As subject matter for a Serial Killer film, it gets no more compelling than this.

As for the film itself, it was masterfully directed, brilliantly acted, tightly scripted, and it contains one of the creepiest scenes ever committed to film (the basement, I'll say no more.) We're absolute suckers for a good Cop vs. Serial Killer flick around here, and Zodiac is truly one of the best that we've ever seen.

This is a modern day classic on par with Se7en and Silence of The Lambs in every way, and it makes a perfect addition to any Halloween movie marathon. .



See you tomorrow with #9!


  1. I won't disagree that Zodiac is a well-made film, I will not even challenge you labeling it a horror film. Still, Zodiac pales in comparison to Fincher's Se7en, which I know was in the 90s, but I just think there were far better films this last decade.

  2. Hard to argue against Se7en. Point taken.

    There are probably 20 or so movies that could have replaced Zodiac here, so I won't argue that either, but it's such a great film that I had to include it. This list needs at least one big, classy Hollywood flick on it :)