March 30, 2016

Review Archive: 2000-2007

Every other decade and year has its own individual Review Archive (organized for your browsing pleasure), but somehow we never got around to gathering the reviews from the early 00's together. Until now, these reviews were basically orphaned. Shame on us.

There are only about 60 of them, and since we tend to focus more on more current reviews, there are still plenty of great movies of the 00's missing from this list, but this is at least a good start for now.


28 B 30 B american A amity B-BATTLE ROYALE Abelow A-black c Bblack s B born DNWbreed B brush DNW170bunker Ccalvaire B-170cry Cdark GPdarkness B Dawndead tone C170Dog Soliders Aeyes of chrystal Bfive girlsFrom Aghostsgozu A-grind A[3]hall B [3]haute  A 170Land Amad GPmal Bnaboer B pledge A-Pop DNWResident B 170satan GPscream C170sev B shadowSick Girl DNWSlither Astag DNWswim GPtears Btexas A-texasb Athem Athey DNWthirt3en C trouble B-unded Bunderworld A-valentine C-wolf Awrong B zod A 170 x 284170 x 284Rating Scale

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