March 14, 2016

Updated: TV Release Dates for April & May!
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These days, the good shows are few and far between, and it's easy to miss out on them if you aren't paying attention; especially when it comes to the smaller, newer shows of the TV world. With that in mind, we've updated our TV Release Dates page to reflect what is coming to a small screen near you, and when.

Right now, our Top Six is full of great Dramas (including Daredevil, which returns this coming Friday on Netflix), but we can't wait to see the final season of Banshee; the hopefully improved second season of Fear the Walking Dead; and especially the returns of Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful.

You can check out our full TV Release Dates to see everything that's airing now, as well as everything that's coming soon. Mark your calendars!

Top 6Feb 14Feb 15Mar 18Feb 15bFeb 18Mar 7[3]
MARCHMar 22Mar 30Mar 31APRILApr 1Apr 9Apr 10Apr 10Apr 10Apr 11Apr 14Apr 18Apr 19Apr 19Apr 24170 x 250MAYMay 1May 25May 312 (2)

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