November 29, 2008

Undead (2003)

Sub-Genre- Zombie/Comedy
In Attendance- Me, Machine, Geo and Chris (And a bunch of onlookers who sat in the kitchen and laughed at us...)
Cast Members of Note- A bunch of Aussie blokes I'm not too familiar with, and the hotness of Felicity Mason.

A small Aussie town is besieged by Zombie fish and rain that makes it burn when you pee... turning the simple-minded residents into crazed Outback Hillbilly Zombies. Also, Aliens are behind the whole thing.

"Grrrr.... oy!"
Luckily, there's a creepy redneck guy who know karate and Gun-kata who does his best to save the day! He fails of course, as his Kung-Fu is no match for the Alien invasion taking place, and everyone pretty much gets lifted into the sky, and held mid-air prisoner.

You thought I was being a smart ass didn't you? There are really aliens in this Zombie movie. Who's the smart ass now, eh?
I don't want to spoil the end of this movie, as it ends up being pretty cool, but suffice it to say that I never knew Aliens and Zombies could be friends.

There are times while watching Undead where I can't help but laugh, or say "Oh my God"; if you've seen it, then you know exactly what I mean. Despite it's heavily cheese-laden plot that runs alongside of the blood, gore, and Zombie goodness, I cant help but love the little flick.

I dare you to tell me you don't want this gun.
Why do the Brits and Aussies seem able to pull off the Horror Comedy so well, while here in the U.S. we rarely get it right? (The Slither's of the world are sadly few and far between.) I guess I'm just glad that at least somebody is getting it right.

Undead fits pretty well on the shelf with Shaun of the Dead, Severance, Slither and the like... all of which remind us that were allowed to have fun with Horror flicks now and then, and not feel guilty about it.

What is this, The Matrix?

Zombie fish... I'm half rolling my eyes, half vowing never to venture onto a lake again!

There are plenty of severed limbs, random acts of violence, and other messy undead shenanigans to keep the Gorehounds amongst us satisfied.

Nope, and what a fantastic waste of potential boobage.

Yummy... and she's a pretty good actress too. Also, boobs.
"I'll fuckin' finish you off faster than a fuckin' birthday cake at a fat chick's fuckin' birthday party!"

Rain is evil. Also, Australian people can do crazy Matrix-esque moves when surrounded by Zombies.

This is a fun type of Horror movie; definitely over the top in some aspects, and tongue-in-cheek for most of it's duration, but it's really, really fun. I urge everyone to give this one a spin in the DVD player.


Felicity Mason is really hot. I hope we see more of her. Naked.

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  1. This movie was fun to watch. the little twist ending was good for me. It just seemed like it was made by some guy that was like..."i wanna make a zombie movie, wait...but i like aliens too!"