November 2, 2008

Solo Review: Dance of the Dead (2008)

Sub-Genre- Zombie Horror
Cast Members of Note- The yummy Carissa Capobianco. (I don't know who she is either, she's just really hot...) The rest of the cast are unfamiliar to me...

A bunch of rejects that can't get dates to the Prom become their classmates' last hope when Zombies attack; this is obviously based on a 100% true story. I think it happened in Wichita or something...

Who's Prom wasn't like this?
The rest of the flick is a bunch of kids destroying zombies, getting eaten, and saying cheesy things, and there are even a few twists thrown in for good measure. I won't ruin anything else for you here, but I will say that my poor, sexy, whorish little Cheerleader does not fare so well...

Poor baby.
This was a pretty fun little flick. It was far from perfect, but it reminded me a lot of Horror comedies like Night of the Creeps and Slither; although this movie far less polished than either of them. It's plain and simple fun, nothing mind-blowing, but satisfying none the less. This is an above average movie, and if you don't expect perfection, you should pretty much enjoy it.

Carissa Capobianco, the hot cheerleader in the movie, isn't only a decent actress, but she's hot too. She may be one to keep an eye on, and I hope she decides to do more Genre flicks.

"I so should have, like, blown that dude..."
A bigger budget and some tighter characterization would have been nice, but that's not a huge complaint.

Zombie sex involves more biting that anything else.

It also involves stomping.
Some pretty decent gory action for a low budget flick. I especially like "The spine pull" scene. Not bad at all.

Johnny Knoxville?
What kind of movie about High School has no nudity?!? Most of them, you say? Well, whatever, they dropped the ball on this one!

"It's not rape if you don't scream."
"But I don't know how to shoot a machete!"

Hot chicks should always have sex with the nerds, because someday they will save them from Zombies. It's a fact. Ask the Science Club.

She so has to have sex with him now.
Not a bad effort at all, Dance of the Dead was a very fun and pleasant surprise. It's definitely worth a rent, and if you like this kind of Horror Comedy, then a buy.


Dance of the Dead is available now on DVD and VOD.

Carissa Capobianco is a Hottie to the Nth degree (whatever the hell the Nth degree is.)

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  1. This movie is truly entertaining. I had a movie night over at my place a few weeks back and we played this, and every one loved it. Even some people that normally complain about my zombie movies :P

    The lack of budget for the gore is hardly noticed in the context of the story.

    And i think the band in it should have had their own zombie movie...