November 11, 2008

2000's Horror Hottie(s) - The Girls of Grindhouse (2007)

Grindhouse is full of so many hot chicks that we couldn't even list them all here; we featured a few of the main girls, and caught as many of the rest as we could via screenshot, and we still missed a bunch of them. We could do an individual Hottie post on every girl that starred in this movie, but 20 posts about one flick seems like overkill to us.

So enjoy what we did post, and if you haven't seen Grindhouse yet, go and watch it to see all of these crazy hot Horror Hotties in action.

The Crazy Babysitter Twins
Robert Rodriguez's Nieces: This may be the hottest picture ever taken, and if you don't understand why, you clearly have no soul (and/or penis.) Also, you may be gay. In short, if this picture doesn't do it for you, you're most likely a soulless gay man with no penis.  
Marley Shelton
Grindhouse, Valentine, Sin City, Dark Shadows (TV): We love this girl, and she's been thrilling audiences, and our pants, since 2001. *1993 if you count The Sandlot.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Grindhouse, Black Christmas, Final Destination 3, The Ring Two, Wolf Lake (TV): Good lord, she is so hot that I even went and tracked down her appearance in Touched by an Angel... Turns out though that it didn't have anything to do with an Angel acting inappropriately. Sigh.  
Rosario Dawson
Grindhouse, Sin City, The Devil's Rejects (Scenes Deleted); Fine, she's not really much of a Horror starlet per se, but just look at that picture. Look closely. Don't rush, take your time... Excuse me, I'm going to grab the peanut butter.  
Rose McGowan
Grindhouse, Scream, Phantoms, Charmed (TV): Cherry Darling is not only smoking hot, but the bitch had a machine gun leg!   
Jordan Ladd
Grindhouse, Cabin Fever, Club Dread, Madhouse, Hostel II: This daughter of Cheryl Ladd is a Genre fave of ours, and we think she's even hotter than dear old Mom.

Vanessa Ferlito
Grindhouse: This Hottie has been too busy starring in TV Shows like 24 and CSI: NY to be in any other Genre flicks so far in her career, but we hope that changes soon.

As promised, here are some more pics of The lovely ladies of Grindhouse, including Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier's daughter, who is so hot that it's silly.

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